After-sale Service

Jirong Furniture

1. three years free maintenance
When there is a quality problem with the products we sell, we promise a three-year free warranty on the products we sell. Within the three-year free warranty period, we are responsible for free replacement of consumables and hardware, and for daily maintenance of the product.

2. regular return visits
During the free maintenance of the product, monthly return visits are made to ensure that quality problems are dealt with at that time. After the end of the warranty period, we will continue to provide after-sales service. The company will visit consumers from time to time to understand and check the performance and quality status of furniture products in use. If problems are found, they will help to handle and maintain them in time.

3. three years lifetime warranty at cost price
4. response time
We make sure to respond to the quality information provided by the user, such as the warranty, 7 * 24 hours, to answer the phone within 2 hours, and solve the problem within 48 hours. If the site cannot be repaired, we will provide an alternative product to ensure that the customer is satisfied. Provide three-year free on-site warranty and lifetime maintenance.

5. After-sales service phone:
24-hour service hotline: 400-697-1986
Working time service hotline: 0317-8294799
January-April, October-December Working hours: :8:00-12:00    13:00-17:00
Working hours from May to September: 8:00-12:00   14:00-18:00


Company Address: Botou Industrial Development Zone, Hebei


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